For at least 7 years I have suffered with a mild case of acne and very sensitive skin which has proved to be so difficult when it comes to finding a product to cleanse my face with that doesn't make me break out. Throughout the years I have tried a number of different drug store brand and higher end cleansers such as Liz Earl and Crystal clear but no matter what I used I ended up with the same result....a big ugly break out!

At the end of last year I come across Lush's very own cleanser Ultrabland and it is safe to say I will never use anything other than this to cleanse my face with again. Ultrabland is based on a ancient Greek formula for cold cream and is made with 10 ingredeints which are almond oil, rose water, beeswax, honey, Fresh Iris Extract, Glycerine ,Rose Absolute , Tincture of Benzoin, Methylparaben and Propylparaben . It is designed to remove all your makeup and any traces of dirt without stripping your skins natural defences.

I have just opened my third pot of Ultrabland and I'm still just as impressed with it as I was when I first purchased it. Lush's top tip is "for people with really problem skin use nothing but Ultrabland for one month, to bring skin back to balance" and it does just that, my skins never felt and looked better. Of course I still get spots from time to time but the product itself doesn't cause me to breakout and irritate my skin like others have in the past and I can see great improvements.

The texture of this product is oily and can sometimes be a little grainy but I wouldn't let this put you off as it leaves your skin feeling so soft, hydrated and super clean! I tend to only use this at night because when I have used it in the morning I feel that my face can look a little oily applying makeup straight after and that's never a good look :\ The smell does take some getting used to due to the high concentration of beeswax, that I can live with due to high great it leaves your skin feeling.

Another great thing about Ultrabland is that a tiny amount goes a long way. It comes in two different sized pots either 45g (RRP £7.50) or 100g (RRP £11.95), some may say that's pricey but a 100g pot lasts me just over 2 months. When applying this I take off my makeup with a makeup wipe first (you think your face is clean..wait till you see what is removed with the cleanser). I then take a nut sized amount of the cleanser, smooth it all over my face and remove it with a damp warm cotton pad.

Overall this is an amazing product and vastly underrated! :) 

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